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Convention President - Rev. Dr. James B. Sampson
Congress President - Rev. Jeffrey L. Mack
Vice President At Large - Rev. Dr. Isaac Williams
1st Vice President Emeritus - Rev. Dr. James Young
1st Vice President - Rev. Dr.Brett Snowden
2nd Vice President - Rev. Ronald Taylor
3rd Vice President - Rev. Toby Philpart
4th Vice President - Rev. Willie Addison Jr.
5th Vice President - Rev. Ross Pierre
Dean of Congress - Rev. Moses Atwood
Associate Dean - Rev. Benjamin H. Parrot
C.O.P.P. Dean of Records - Dr. Vernita B. Timpson
Administrative Assistant - Sis.Virginia P. Hayes
Secretary Deans Office - Sis. Liana Baker
Recording Secretary - Sis. Carolyn Brown
Assistant Recording Sec. - Sis. V. Brown Thompkins
Registrar - Sis. Sonjia Philpart
Assistant Registrar - Sis.Nadine McMillion
President Sec. & Prog. Coord. - Sis. Tonya Bailey
Director General - Rev. Anthony Ducksworth
Director of Christian Education - Rev. Dr. W. M. Ramsey


Florida General Baptist Congress of Christian Education’s goal is to equip and train leaders through a curriculum that is Christ-centered, Bible-based and Spirit-filled, and certified by the National Baptist Congress of Christian Education, thereby providing opportunities for the local churches, unions, and associations to be certified through this convention, while fostering love, humility and unity throughout this convention, and to encourage all participants to support “Power 20” financial program.


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