Parent Body

Congress of Christian Education Auxiliary

Women’s Auxiliary

Young People’s Auxiliary

Laymen’s Auxiliary

Moderator's Auxiliary

Young Pastors & Ministers' Auxiliary

Political & Social Justice Auxiliary



Dr. James B. Sampson, Convention President

Dr. Fred Maeweathers, Vice President at Large

Dr. Frank Jenkins, 1st Vice President

Dr. Alphonso Jackson, 2nd Vice President

Elder L. C. Hunt, 3rd Vice President

Dr. James B. Duval, 4th Vice President

Rev. Sidney Hardy, 5th Vice President

Dr. Bentley Thomas, 6th Vice President

Rev. Michael Edwards, Executive Secretary

Rev. C.P. Preston, General Secretary

Rev. Michael Warren, Board Chairman

List of Officers



To carry the message, mission and mandate of the kingdom, through Evangelism; Home/Foreign Mission; Christian/Secular Education;  Economic Empowerment and Social Justice; to oversee and provide leadership to each auxiliary, as we work in love, harmony and unity, to carry out the mission of this convention, and to encourage all participants to support “Power 20” financial program


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