Emanuel Progressive Baptist Association

Moderator Dr. Malachi L. Clowers

Second Baptist Church of Callahan

45019 Johnson Road

Callahan, Florida 32201

(904) 879-4649


Pastor Dr. Malachi L. Clowers, Moderator

Sister Willie Mae Blount – President of Woman’s Auxiliary

Sister Sandra English – President of Congress of Christian of Education

Deacon Stanley Holsey – President of Laymen’s Auxiliary

Rev. E.I. Norman, Moderator Emeritus

Rev. Joe Calhoun, Honorary Moderator

1st Vice Moderator - Pastor Titus Hill III
2nd Vice Moderator - Pastor Leroy Love
General Secretary – Pastor Titus Hill

Assistant General Secretary – Vacant

Chairman of Finances – Deacon Melvin Moore
Chairman of the Board - Pastor Stanley DeVerger

Bible Expositor – Reverend Levi Wilcox

Missionary – Rev Calvin West

President of Men & Deacon’s Union #1 – Pastor Titus Hill

Vice President of Union #1 – Sister Angie Deverger

President of Men & Deacons Union #2 – Pastor Freddie Jackson

Vice President of Men & Deacons Union Two – Bishop Leroy Love

Moderator’s Secretary – sister Sandra english

Sister Willie Mae Blount – President of Woman’s Auxiliary

Sister Sandra English – President of Congress of Christian of Education

President Emeritus, Congress of Christian Education Sister Ruth Cash

1st Vice President of Congress of Christian Education – Dr. Malachi L. Clowers

 President, District Ushers Union – Sister Jennifer Kohn

President Emeritus, Usher Union – Sister Eva Brown-Sullivan

President Emeritus, District Ushers Union – Sister Jessie B. ward

President, District Chorus – Minister Brandon Byars

President of Young/Associate Ministers – Reverend Ron Brown

Dean of Religious Education – Vacant

Chairman, Board of Education – Sister LaTarsha Wilson

Secretary Board of Christian Education – Deacon Richard Lane

Printing Committee Chairperson – Sister Myra Harris

Deacon Stanley Housley – President of Laymen’s Auxiliary




First Chronicles Baptist Church

2559 West 30th Street

Jacksonville, FL 32209


Pastor Alice Ross – Interim


New Hope Baptist Church
217 North McCargo Street

Jacksonville, FL 32221
(904) 781-2100

Pastor Freddie Jackson


New Redeem Baptist Church

1614 East 30th Street

Jacksonville, FL 32206

(904) 356-4412

Pastor Derrick Mercer Sr. - Pastor


St. Mark Baptist Church

10193 New Berlin Road

Jacksonville, FL 32226

(904) 751-5788

Pastor Stanley DeVerger


Philadelphia Baptist Church

5577 Moncrief Road

Jacksonville, FL 32209

(904) 768-0161



Love Baptist Church

5220 Cleveland Road

Jacksonville, FL 32209
Pastor Titus W. Hill

Pleasant Grove Baptist Church    

1401 Evergreen Avenue

Jacksonville, Florida 32206


Bishop Leroy Love


Mt. Bethel Missionary Baptist Church

1620 Helena Street

Jacksonville, Florida 32208

Pastor –Dr. Robert E. Herring


Second Baptist Church

45019 Johnson Road

Callahan, FL 32011

(904) 879-4649

Pastor Dr. Malachi Clowers

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