Office of Disaster Management

"Be dressed and ready for service,

keep your lamps burning."
                                                                        Luke 12:35

Disaster Preparedness Training Course

Fulfilling Our Mission
Translating Your Compassion Into Community Action

The purpose of this course is to enable participants to translate their care and
compassion into community action, through a uniform message. The participants
will be able to assess how to use their skills and abilities to strengthen the capacity of both the community and the Red Cross to better serve people affected by disaster. Participants will understand the mission of the Red Cross, the principles and values that support the mission and the expected behaviors of Red Cross volunteers and employees in the conduct of that mission and then will be given the next steps.

Prerequisites Required : None

Course description: Mass Care Overview

The purpose of this basic level Disaster Services training is to provide an overview
of the activities performed by the Mass Care group in support of a disaster relief

Prerequisites Required :

Fulfilling Our Mission: Translating Your Compassion Into Community Action

Hosted by the Florida General Baptist Convention.
Where: Double Tree Hotel at 5780 Major Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819
When: On August 3, 2010
For registration contact Dr. Houston at 727-327-0554


Rev. Dr. Glenn R. Miller
State Director



D.A.T. Florida Guide
(Disaster Assistance Team)

This booklet is meant only to

be temporary operational tool




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