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Congress of Christian Education Auxiliary



Dr. Carl Johnson, Moderator’s President
Dr. E. I. Norman, President Emeritus
Rev. Eugene W. Diamond, Vice President at Large
Rev. William W. Demps, Sr., First Vice President
Dr. C. E. Glover, Second Vice President
Rev. J. T. “Billy” Simon, Third Vice President
Rev. Samuel R. Seales, Jr., Fourth Vice President
Rev. Billy Strange, Jr., Fifth Vice President
Dr. Malachi L. Clowers, General Secretary




The Moderators Auxiliary of the Florida General Baptist Convention purpose is to support the administration; to reclaim delinquent churches, and to recruit non-convention churches; and disseminate convention information to our associations, unions, and local churches while fostering a spirit of unity throughout our denomination, and to encourage all participants to support "Tower of Power" financial program.


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